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Fall 2016 GCFYSL General Rules – 9U – 19U

Fall 2016 GCFYSL General Rules – 9U – 19U – TOP

Fall 2016 GCF Rules Of Play – Modified U9 thru U12

Fall 2016 GCF Rules Of Play – Modified U9 thru U12 – TOP (2)


The cost for the Semi-Annual Registration fee for 2016/17 is:
$285.00 for the Season for players on teams* U12 and under.
$328.00 for the Season for players on team *U13 and up.
*This is the age of the team not of the individual player. Make sure you have the correct TEAM age before making your payment.
The uniform is a separate. The cost for the uniform package is $120.00.
The uniform fee includes 2 jerseys (home and away), 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of socks and 2 practice t-shirts.

Registration Steps

1. If you have already been assigned a team, click HERE to register with GotSoccer. Please note that the player’s picture on the registration site will be the ones printed on the player’s card. That picture should be passport style. Not whole body. If you are not sure, just email us any recent picture and we will make the necessary adjustments.

2. Complete the Medical Release Form and the City of Wildwood Waiver

3. Bring the form together with a copy of the Player’s Birth Certificate** to the coach at first practice..

*A new Medical Release Form must be completed EVERY YEAR.
**The birth certificate is only needed for players registering for the first time or those who have not had their age verified by FYSA

Download forms here:

TVSC Medical Release

City of Wildwood Waiver

We are a proud member of the FYSA
(Florida Youth Soccer Association).
Our Competitive Teams play in the GCF YSL
(Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer League).

2016/2017 Season


Age Bracket Birth Year
u9 2008 (Younger)
u10 2007
u11 2006
u12 2005
u13 2004
u14 2003
u15 2002
u16 2001
u17 2000
u18 1999