Attending tryouts does not guarantee a place in the team.

Players will:

  • Attend tryouts
  • The coach will contact the player/parents with results.
  • Team placement. Placement will only be done after the director of coaching, team’s coach, player and parents agree.
  • Registration must be completed. Players not registered after deadline will loose their place on the team.

Players will not be allowed to practice or participate in any activity with the team or the club until the registration has been completed.

Tryout dates are based on teams we would like to have for the upcoming Fall and Spring Seasons. Team age may change depending on the tryout results.

Please keep in mind that starting this Fall the ages will be calculated differently than in previous years. The age is now from January-December NOT August-July. This change may affect your child and may change the team he or she qualifies to play for.


If chosen, please make sure to register before the deadline so that we can have all uniforms ready before the start of the season. If a player registers after the deadline the uniform may not arrive in time and that may result in loss of game time.